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Taddeo, then a wealthy young cloth merchant and generous supporter of the arts, was part of a new generation of connoisseurs and patrons in Florence who collected works of the avant-garde. He proudly displayed his new Michelangelo, with its innovative take on the Madonna and Child theme, in his palace even though the sculpture was unfinished in a conventional sense (as, indeed, a remarkable proportion of Michelangelos great marbles reliefs and statues are). While it hung in Taddeos palace, his protegee - the precocious young Umbrian artist Raphael, who intermittently stayed there eagerly made sketches of it. According to the notes, Wicar himself acquired the tondo in 1812. Having forged a successful career as a Neoclassical artist in Revolutionary France, Wicar had been appointed the leading member of Napoleons Commission des Sciences et des Arts, charged - during the French occupation of Italy - with the systematic expropriation of works of art for Frances national museum collections. As a result, Wicar had gained remarkable access to all the palaces and private collections in Florence, and clearly took advantage of it. He continued to add to his incredible collection of Michelangelo drawings (drawings were not part of his Commission), and it may be that the tondo, which has been described as a sketch in stone, fell into his hands as a result. Beaumont was under no illusion about the type of vendor he was dealing with, writing in a letter of 1822, that all the treasures of Italy were at one time at [Wicars] command. Back in England, and freshly installed in Beaumonts London bolthole at 34 sculptor famous Grosvenor Square, the tondo as the RA David Wilkie relates became the chief talk of all the artists: a renowned female sculptor, he jokes, even had to be restrained from finishing it. Beaumont, who had recently been in poor health, was fired up by his purchase and exhilarated by his recent experience of fair Italy in all her splendour. Having visited the Vatican and the Capitoline Museums in Rome, where some of the greatest works of mankind were all accessible to the general public, he determined to redouble his efforts to promote good taste and model public outreach in England. He campaigned vigorously for the creation of a National Gallery, where great works of art should be not merely toys for connoisseurs, but solid objects of concern for the nation and, in 1823, promised his collection of Old Masters to the nation, on condition that a suitable place be found for their display. This led directly to the establishment of the National Gallery in 1824. View photos Michelangelos 'Taddei tondo' has now been installed in the National Gallerys Michelangelo & Sebastiano show (National Gallery ) More Beaumont also specified that his great tondo should be left to the Royal Academy which acquired it in 1830, following his death (1827)). Beaumonts explicit intention was that every artist should have free access to it, so that progress in the arts could be promoted.

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